Fun with Linux:Ubuntu

       Most of us use linux terminal/prompt to perform our work. Over a period of time, one gets bored working on the same thing again and again and doesn’t like logging into the linux host again and again.

One can tweak the login process and try out something interesting with the linux terminal. Many utilities are available for this. Listed below in this post are some of those utilities. Kindly note that the commands listed below are as per Ubuntu distro, for other ones, kindly modify the commands as per the distribution.


Its an ASCII train which will run across your terminal when you will enter “sl” on your terminal.
To install it, enter the command:
[email protected]# apt-get install sl
[email protected]# sl


This lists random quotes and displays them when you login to the host.
To install it, enter the command:
[email protected]# apt-get install fortune-mod
[email protected]# fortune


This displays whatever you want to say to anyone else using cow as the medium. It generates an ASCII picture of cow displaying the content which one user wants to say to other.
To install it, enter the command:
[email protected]# apt-get install cowsay
[email protected]# cowsay <your-text-here>

Creating a bit of fun using the above mentioned three packages:-

We can use the above three commands/packages to create a funny login procedure which will make the user get surprised and will cheer up his mood. We will put all the above three commands in the bashrc file and whenever someone logs in to that machine, he will get those ASCII symbols on the screen.
Open the .bashrc file:-
[email protected]# vi ~/.bashrc
Add these two lines at the end of the file:-
fortune | cowsay
Save and exit. Now ssh to that machine and you will see the above two commands getting executed.


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